Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Sale $.25 Cents

Being from Kentucky, my family loves to go to yard-sales. Well, I must confess, I actually like getting up at 7:00 o'clock in the AM, on a summer Saturday morning, just to go through someone's "hand-me-downs" or used tools. So I wasn't a bit surprise when my mother in-law, while watching Landon and Alex, went out to the local yard-sales one sunny Friday morning/afternoon.

It was the Friday before Father Day, and my three boys (Brady, Landon, Alex) were all excited about doing something for "dad." I knew this Fathers Day would be especially hard for my wife (Cathy) because she had just lost her father (Roger) only three months ago, so I hint to my boys not to worry so much about making dad happy, lets focus on mom, and see if we could help ease some of the pain of missing her daddy.

It just so happened that the new Superman movie "Man Of Steel" was coming out that weekend, and everyone knows I am the biggest Superman geek ever, so we decided just to have a nice dinner after church on Sunday and go to the movies. This way, we could help mom through this difficult time, and also give dad a nice day to remember.

Well Friday came and went, and Saturday was a typical one at the Love's house Brady of course (the 18 year old) slept till the noon hours, and the rest of us got up and started some yard work. A typical middle America Saturday afternoon. But what I didn't know was how excited Landon was for Sunday to get here. I knew he liked Superman, but he wasn't a Superman geek like his father. Landon was more of a Batman/Dark Knight "geek". But yet, he kept pacing around the house telling me to, "stay away from under his bed." Now for Landon that surprised me, because he keeps his room picked up. (If it was Brady asking the same thing, I would of had no problem staying away, I think Jimmy Hoffa is under his bed) (HaHa)

So Sunday finally came around. The buzzing of my alarm at 6:30 AM was telling me to get up and moving, and head into the office to get ready for Sunday Worship. But something was different about this day. Landon was wide awake when I got out of the bathroom sitting in my room waiting on me. I thought at first he had a "bad dream," but he was eager to hand me a Fathers Day present that he picked out for me. 

As I looked at the home made wrapping paper of old Lexington Herald news paper and my all to familiar "duct" tape, I knew this was a morning I needed to slow down and spend time with Landon.

As I slowly unwrapped the gift, I looked up at Landon and can actually feel his heart beating faster as he watched me carefully tear away corner, by corner. 

As finished unwrapping the gift, my heart exploded with pride. The kind of pride that makes you glad you are a father. You see, on the day we tried to down play for Cathy, turned out to be one of the greatest days. 

Because my 8 year old son with his own money, and mind, and love for me, found me a picture of Jesus in a frame. Later his grandma (Darlene) told me that he walked over to the yard sale table, seen the picture of Jesus and asked her, "Do you think daddy would like this?" 

As I hung the $.25 cent yard sale picture of Jesus on my wall, I stood back with tears or love in my eyes. For all the wrongs I do everyday. It is great to know that when your 8 year old son sees a picture of Jesus he thinks of his daddy.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them. For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these'"

Foot Note:  You couldn't buy this picture of Jesus from me for a million dollars.