Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well today,
Cathy, Stacey, and I were certified in adult, child, and infant CPR and, we also became certified in usage with the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

Which is pretty cool because now, we at Antioch Mills can say that our “Minister of Family and Children and part of his staff our trained and certified!

Hopefully, this will give new parents visiting and regulars a peace of mind.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tip Of The Sword

For all those WWII fighters and ground crew!!
Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: "There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer".

The Sky Is No Longer The ....Limit

Hey yall,
Well, just got back from taking the K-5th students to the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.
It was a pretty good time, it was like my 9th time being there, but it seems like each time I return, I found out something new.

Anyway.. I think I am going to relax for a while, then head for bed, we have our CPR class in the morning.!!!

Peace yall!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Brady and Wii

Well.. check this out!
Last Monday, the boys and I went to have dinner with Cathy at the nursing home where she works as the activity assistant. Anyway, she was telling Brady that the home had bought a Nintendo Wii for the residents to play with to help maintain their motor skills. (by listening to the advice of a amazing Family Minister, they bought one)

Anyway.. Brady stayed afterwards to "hang out" with some of the people who live there. and He came home saying..
"Dad, man they loved watching me play the video games. I had such a great time"

So now Brady has volunteer to "play" Nintendo Wii for the residents to make them feel better!!

Brady has been doing pretty good.. he has band camp in 3 weeks, and goes to Wilderness camp this week.. So we are going shopping this weekend to get him so "updated" camping grear..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Camp Devo #1...

“Can We Fix It ….Yes We Can”!

Every morning around 8:30am at my house, I am awaken to the sounds of my three year old son Landon singing the theme song to “Bob The Builder”, and when he gets to his favorite part of the song, he screams, “CAN WE FIX IT…YES WE CAN”!

As I sit in my office preparing this devotional, those words are echoing in my mind. It sort of reminds me of how young Timothy must have felt when Paul instructed him to go and preach the good news of Jesus Christ. I can see young Timothy sitting there all excited and knowing like you know,this world is not a perfect place and he jumps up and screams, “CAN WE FIX IT… YES WE CAN”!

But we can’t be like Bob the Builder; we can’t fix broken hearts, or broken homes with bull dozers or big trucks. We have to be able to fix our world with life changing decisions for Jesus Christ, and then take that to the world. Just as Jesus commanded the early disciples to “go out and baptized them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Paul is instructing Timothy to “not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, and in love, and in faith, and in purity”.

As you leave here this week, our prayer is that you can be like Timothy, and let your life be the “bull dozers” and “dump trucks” that fixes your world. And your generation can say, “CAN WE FIX IT.. YES WE CAN”!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1st Peter 3:3-14

Tonight, I had a chance to watch the sun set.. Ever had one of those days, or weekends that every thing seems to be going great, then all of a sudden you feel like you are in "quick-sand"
Well I had that happend today...I am clinging on the scripture from 1st Peter3:13-14.

Like in this picture of a sun set, you wonder what is going to happen when the sun is gone.

"I'll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended so soon
You were all by yourself
Staring up at a dark gray sky
I was changed

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
Was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment that I saw you cry
cry..moment that I saw you cry"

Toddler Day Out

Today toddlers from our church had a picnic at Kincaid Lake in Falmouth. It was pretty awesome. The weather was PERFECT!

I think the best part for me was watching Landon throw rocks into the lake, or should I say "group of rocks". We walked down the hill to the lake and had to avoid the wild geese and Landon had his rocks in a little pail...

Well he decided to throw them all in at one time!!

The he said.. "Ok, I am ready to go home!"

Alex was just happy to be near water! and Brady, well he has a summer job at the library so he got to stay home by himself!!

Over all it was pretty good day..

Monday, June 16, 2008

What If..................?

What if it was possible to "time - travel" .. would you do it?.. I mean check this out, what if you could go back in time and stop the assignation of Lincoln or JFK.. or better yet what if you can go back and stop the attack on Pearl Harbor..

The reason I bring this up.. is I was watching this movie tonight called "The Final Countdown.. it was about the USS Nimitz (modern aircraft carrier) time warped back to December 6th 1941... What will the do.. what would you do?.. I know allot of people would love to go back in time and change history.. but is it our job to change the fate of time..I know it would be nice to stop our love ones from dying or being killed.. but again.. is it our job to do that?

I am reminded of this quote I read in a book..

The story was about this Jewish village that got attacked during "pre-WWII" a hand full of students and their teacher escaped with their lives.. anyway the teacher said this..

"I wish I was God right now." and one of the students said "Sir, what would you change"? and the teacher said.."I wouldn't change anything, I would just be able to understand."..

pretty good quote.

Earth Rise

Well, What a day it has been, just a quick up date of what is going on with Brady, Landon, and Alexander...

Brady - We went to Cathy's work tonight and had dinner with her, Brady stayed and helped her out with the residents, then he stayed and played video games with some of them. He goes to camp next week, and then he gets his wisdom teeth cut out the week after, then he has to rest for two weeks, then he is off to band camp for two more weeks..he is as big as me now!!

Landon - Went to the story with mom, and Cathy bought some of those Viana Sausages, and Landon picked them up in the store and then he kissed them and said "I love these.. they are the best!!".. Tonight he got a Gordon Train from Walmart and he screamed .. "there is Gordon!"..

Alexander - Well Alex, is getting so big!! he eats like there is no tommorrow.. he is walking better now.. just flapping that arm as he goes, he can't go to the sand box anymore, cause he eats the sand.. he is now saying "Daddie"

Not too much is going on this week.. I have a toddler trip tommrrow and then Bible study on Wed night, Cathy is going out to dinner with here friends on Thursday, and Friday we have a family movie night at church..

see you all in the funny papers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ultimate Dad

Well, since this Sunday is Father's Day, I thought would share this video I found while doing a little surfing.

The video is pretty cool..but the best part is the lyrics itself. When you watch this video, listen to what the words are saying.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Every time you grow... So do I"

I just got back today from seeing the new Narnia Movie, Prince Caspian...
and for Jr. and Sr. High students.. it was ok.. but I don't know about younger kids..They had some tense moments. I mean the message was AWESOME!!! but there were some scenes that might of upset the little ones..
(Believe me I know!!! Lord Of The Ring)

But there were a couple of lines that stood out.. that I wanted to share..they are

1. Lucy the little girl sees Aslan for the first time again, and she says."You gotten bigger" and Aslan the lion says.. "So have you" then he says.."Every time you grow...So do I" (which is like every time you grow in "Christ", Christ grows bigger in your world.

2.Lucy was the only one who could actually see him most of the time, the others have lost their "faith" so when Lucy says.."No one believed me I could see you"
Aslan says.."Why did that keep you from searching for me?"
Which is pretty cool because, even though our friends may not have the "faith" it shouldn't stop us from believing.