Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Being A Dad

Check this out.. while watching some TV last night I was channal surfing and came across this video.. This is pretty cool.. the words are sort of right on the money.. I look at my three boys and I can't help to think of all the things my dad told me.. and low and behold, I am saying them now!!

It is amazing how three boys can totaly change your life and have you put your priorites in line..

Next week is Brady's spring break and Cathy and I are taking ten days off to hang out with the boys.. I am looking forward to this journey called "being the dad of three boys"..

It should be a wild ride.. like the song says..

"From watching him learn how to crawl
To skinned up knees from skateboard falls
To praying he'd get through football alive
From hearing his first words spoken
The first time his heart got broken
And knowing soon he'll spread his wings and fly
I guess I didn't know what a Daddy goes thru
Til I was a Daddy too"

Thanks dad.. You always knew what to say.. even when I am a daddy too, you still know what to say.. Love you..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together.....

Monday is my typical day off, so I thought I would jump in and start the laundry for the week, and boy will my wife be so "happy and surprised"!!!...

(We interrupted this story for a message from the Emergency Broadcast System)

Today is Tuesday and I just got off the phone with my darling quiet wife. She informed me that,and I quote.. "You are NOT allowed to wash cloths ever- ever- ever- again"!!.. It seems that she "noticed" that I washed her new pink sweater with some white and brown cloths and they have this "spotted pink" look to them..

Again, she said I was never ever ever ever to wash cloths again....

Tonight I am putting a shelf up in the bathroom.. I hope she didn't noticed the holes in the wall from where I tried to put it up on Monday and the holes were off centered... (4 times)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It Is Finished.. Upward 2008

This Saturday is our Upward Closing program, a celebration to end a tremendous successful ministry season. So many people put so much time and effort into seeing that the children of this community would have a place to play and cheer and learn about the love of a Father..

My main prayer is that the mothers and fathers of those children will be responsible enough for the watering and the caring of the seeds that were planted.

Till next season..

The Boys

Well.. it has been awhile since I last blogg.. I am working on my message for the Upward closing program.. as I sit in my office.. I can hear the rain beat along the metal roof of the Family Life Center.. Oh my it is rainning so hard out there...!!

Anyway quick update on the boys.. Brady - Landon - Alexander..

Brady.. has been doing pretty good.. he has a "freind" that he spends hours with on the phone.. he is doing much better when we ask him to do somthing..(going through teen hormone days)

Landon - OMG.... Landon is killing us.. He takes his pants down.. shows his bottom and does a Veggie tales song and dance.. he is learning some new songs at church and at mommie's "MOPP Classes".. he still needs daddy to lay down with him when he goes to bed...You know what.. Daddy needs it too!!!

Alexander - Alexander.. or Lex is doing amazingly well.. he whistles.. I am serious. he will whistle and actual sound wil come out..

over all the boys are doing pretty good.. I am blessed to have them