Saturday, May 24, 2008


OK, since my lovely mother had to mentioned that I caught the barracks on fire.. (which was only a small part in a closed room - my room) I will tell you what really happened.

You see it was a Friday night, and we had an early morning end of the month inspection. I am talking about "standing tall and looking good" type of inspections, where the Brigade General and Battalion Commander has a peek.

Anyway there is this trick to make your floor look real shiny!. You get a can of past floor wax, catch it on fire, then blow it out (or some would say to just put the lid back on it) and pour out the liquid wax. Then you can buff it to a shine.

Well Travis (my room mate) and I got a can of wax and it was about 3:00 in the morning. We didn't want to buff the floor to early then it would get scuffed up. We knew the inspection was 3 hours later..

So I proceeded to "catch the can of wax on fire".. when it flamed up.. and boy did it flame up!!! I couldn't find the lid to put the fire out.. so I blew real hard.. that cause the flame to burn off my eye brows and it caught the window curtain on fire!!

Travis got a towel and try to "stomp" it out!! it caught the towel on fire, (I guess hot flaming wax can be a good fire starter) then when he flicked the towel back it caught my bed on fire..

Just then the alarms went off and the building was evacuated..No one was hurt..But we were in so much trouble.

Needless to say.. We didn't have an inspection that day.

1am Saturday...Can't Sleep

Well, it is about 1:00 AM on a Saturday night, it is Memorial Day Weekend, I can't sleep, I been cleaning the basement and garage most of the day and all that dust is making my breathing crunchy.

I tried watching TV isn't nothing good on. So I came to the computer and wrote some more on that short story "Abby's Gift" I have 30 pages done..

So I went to You Tube and found this video. I liked it.. Sort of reminds me of a very good friend I have..

later and remember to Thank a Veteran this weekend, well actually every day..

Peace out homies...

Friday, May 23, 2008

US Army Part 1 - 1988-1990

Thought you all might get a kick out of these rare pictures of me.

oh, and happy Memorial Day Weekend..

Monday, May 19, 2008

The "Yep" Church..

Is this happening today in our Churches?

Shelly: - "Hey I would love to visit your church but I don't own a dress."
Usher: - "Sorry lady, we don't accept your kind"

New Mom: - "Hi, we just had a baby and I not comfortable leaving her in the nursery, is it ok she stays with us?"
Pastor: - "That darn baby in the fourth row was screaming half the service, and then the people around her kept trying to make her dare some people."

Church Deacon: - "Hey you.. you got mud all over the carpet, if you want to worship here, it best you change your shoes."
Young Drifter: - "Sorry sir."

Young Gothic girl: - "They wont accept me here, I am different."
Jamie, her friend: - "Sure they will, they told me in Sunday School, to LOVE everyone!"
Older Couple: "You see that is what's wrong with the country today, freaks like her with the tattoos and piercings trying to love a God who doesn't want her'"

Here is an idea..."The Yep Church"

Shelly: - "Hey I would love to visit your church but I don't own a dress is that ok."
Usher: - "YEP"

New Mom: - "Hi, we just had a baby and I not comfortable leaving her in the nursery, is it ok she stays with us?"
Pastor: - "YEP"

Young Drifter: -"I got mud on your new carpet, you forgive me"
Church Deacon: - "YEP"

Young Gothic girl: - "They wont accept me here, I am different."
Jamie, her friend: - "Sure they will, they told me in Sunday School, to LOVE everyone!"
Older Couple: "Welcome to our church I love your black dress, and your hair style"
Jamie: - "Do you really like her"?
Older Couple: - "YEP"

Luke 6:37
"Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."

Now may I address your attention to the video!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Winning The War

Today is a very exciting day.. in about two hours I will be batising a good friend of mine.
The turn of the story is prett cool.. He experienced heart ach early in the year and now he relized that he needs Jesus..
I am just honored I got to see the story end.. I know that God has a amazing plan for this young man life.

God bless you my friend
This video sums it up.."We all need to come home running"

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fallen But Not Forgotten

It was this month twenty years ago, That I signed up for the Delayed Entry Program for the United States Army...
Who would of thought that for eight years.. (some were pretty long at times) I would have seen the things I've seen or experience the things I experienced..
This video reminds me that EVERY US Vetern is important..
May God continue to bless America...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

To my dear sweet mom, who taught me how to be just me!!
I love you

Abby's Gift

Hey, how is everyone doing.. Well since I am a big "chick-flicks" movie watcher, I thought I would give it a try, and see if I can write something in my spare time.
This is what I have so far...

Abby’s Gift


Cherry Grove was just like any other small Kentucky town. As I sit in the waiting room of the UK Medical Center, (United Kingdom Medical Center), where the best neurologist in the world are, my mind couldn't’t help but go back to a more simpler time.

A time when you could leave your front doors unlock and we kids knew when the fire flies came out, we had thirty minutes to get home.

That was when I first met Abigail Johnson or “Abby” as she was known by all who knew her, only her grandmother and her mom when she got in trouble on occasion, would call her Abigail.

Abby was the best player at kick the can, a game of fast paced, heart racing excitement that only a twelve year boy or girl could really appreciate.

Now, as I sit flipping thru the pages of out dated back issues of Field and Stream, and Better Homes and Gardens, in room number two –twenty-four, I can’t help but wonder, did she make the right decision, and was it worth it.

Abby’s Gift

Chapter 1 – Kick the Can

“No, you didn’t tag me!” shouted Jason, as he stood there arguing with Abigail Johnson, the new girl. Abby, as she was known by her friends, moved to Cherry Grove at the end of the school term, two weeks before summer vacation. Her father has died of a brain tumor when she was 3 years old, and her mom wanted to start over and find more healing. She had heard about Cherry Grove from her Aunt, who grew up her, then moved to New York to start her career in the theater. A lot of people would say that Aunt Carol was where Abby received her magical imagination.

“Yes I did!!” shouted back Abby, louder then Jason, “You are such a big baby.” she shouted, “Fine,” “I will be it again!”

“Hey Willie, come and help me count.” Abby knew I hated the name Willie; my parents named me William Edward, after my great grandfather and I only like to answer to Eddie. But she was cute and I had the biggest crush on her, so whatever she wanted to call me was just fine with me.

“Coming!” I said.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well it is Wednesday and I am sitting in my office.. about to get ready for the meal and Bible Study here at the church..but first I just wanted to give a little shout- out to an avid reader of "Love - Letters"

I am talking about my good friend "Chief Posey".. I just had lunch with him yesterday and we were having a good ole time..

He just became the new Chief of Police in our town.. and I wish him the best of luck.. I am 100% positive that he will do a excellent job!!...

So here's to you partner.. and if you see a green Buick with duct tape on the front and back window speeding threw town.. Remember what you read here !!! (haha)