Friday, September 14, 2007

My Turn!

Oh my goodness... (part II)

Brady had a football game last night.. and oh my goodness.. Forget what I blogg about in the past..

Brady (#75 in your program but #1 in your hearts) seen this kid with the ball running towards him.. I guess the other player thought he was "going to run over Brady."

But "The L-Train" stood his ground and put him to the ground!!.. Now we did have to talk about what he did to the player while he was still on the ground ...I was sort of smiling and proud.. but we still had to talk about it..

After he put the player to the ground.. He proceeded to stand over him and say "Don't get up!" (shhhh I loved it!!!!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Shot Heard Around The World

Oh my goodness!!!

We went to Brady's football game last night,.. and Brady was about to tackel this kid from the other team,.. when all of a sudden.. this "monster" of a player (who I was told weighted in at 290 lbs) hit Brady who came off the ground and rolled a good 3 feet.. Then he just laid there...

His mom jumped up and... (well you know how moms can be) But when he got up and look at us in the stands and nodded, we knew he was ok..

Later on that night, Brady and I were talking .. he said.."Dad, that guy hit me hard!!"

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Voice In City Government

Hey Falmouth Kentucky in America!!!
If you are not doing anything important (a what could be more important than this)
Get off the couch and go vote on November 6th

and, If you are in the Falmouth Kentucky area.. You should vote for Stan Love for City council on Novemeber 6th

Ok America...
Go back to your lives now!! Oh and go to church somewhere people!!

New Friend

It is pretty cool how God works..

This pass month I made a new friend... This friend of mine thinks I am pretty "down to earth" and "a funny guy!!"

My friend also said that I have been blessed with a gift from God.. And that I use that gift for God's church...

That made me feel pretty good..

So if my "new" friend reads this blog.. Thanks "ole-pal"

PS... I am like "Chandler... funny and witty"!!

Toot Toot

Well, I do believe Brady will be able to move into his new room on Sunday or even sooner, maybe Saturday!!
Yea, yea I know what you all are thinking.. "Ok who helped.. or who did it".. honestly Cathy and Brady and I did most of the work.. Curtis show me how and Roger did the electric..(come on I am proud not stupid haha) and we did the dry wall and painting.. I even made the closet.. We are installing the carpet Saturday morning or mabye Friday night!!

Anyway.. I am not one to "toot my horn but.. I think I deserve it!!

so here I go!!!!

Toot - Toot - Toot - T00t